I love the variety of running, yoga and lifting weights. I will try other forms as well but that is my base. Why I like the variety is because life for me is full of variations. Depending on where you are in life you can adapt your fitness practice. At least that’s the case for me. Weights are important as a foundation to prevent injuries. Yoga and running is a great compliment. I have also started with extra core training called becore. So much fun! I don’t everything at the same time but as I said, the variety is great.


I practice my running with my friend Sanna Hed. It was Sanna who set my practice schedule for the Stockholm half Marathon in 2013 and NYC 2013. Together we crossed the finish line in Central Park the 3rd of November and I got to share the magic moment with her having the Marathon Medal around my neck. She is amazing! You can find her on Instagram @runsannarun.

I have never been competitor but have entered a number of races these past few years. I have seen it as an adventure and a great goal for my practice.


Under Construction Sports Performance Center

I also work out at Under Construction Sports performance center. They have everything from circle training to yoga and soma. , @ucsp_training


Core fitness at Becore @becore

Thaiboxning at Stockholm Stadium

And another fun exercise is Thai boxing. Then I practice at Stockholm Stadium for Rickard Nordstrand. You can find him on Instagram @rnordstrand or Rickard Nordstrand on Facebook.

Golf & Skiing

In the summer I like to play golf as the best way to relax. In the winter I like to go skiing both downhill or cross-country.

“In 2011, former hockey player Nisse Ekman asked if I and his friend Darius Kasparaitis wanted to go do Vasaloppet to collect money for Strokefonden. Nisse suffered a stroke in 2010 and wanted a goal for his workout to during recovery. 2012 we did the race.”


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