My publisher Carina Nunstedt contacted me after having read my posts on Instagram. Together we came up with the idea to collect some old posts along with some new about everything from love, grief, family, loss and encounters with both places and people. When I read through the posts that I had written, I realized that the connecting thread was Gratitude. I hope that this book with my own pictures and words will inspire people to choose thoughts that make them feel better. Thoughts that bring energy, open opportunities and to see that love is behind grief and loss.

The grateful road to more strength and joy in everyday life

Some years ago the beloved TV-personality and author Kristin Kaspersen began practicing changing negatives thoughts, that sometimes happen, towards something positive. With inspirational posts on Instagram she wrote how gratitude towards the everyday events made her feel better, happier and stronger.  The response from her followers was immediate.

When her mother Barbro, Lill-Babs, passed away Kristin was showered with beautiful stories and thoughts. In them she found solace and gratitude that finally became more powerful than the loss and gave her strength in her grief.

In her book Gratitude personal texts and stories are alternated with Kristins beautiful photos. Kristin doesn’t choose more difficult subjects such as grief or loss but she balance the book with love and happiness that hopefully will inspire the reader to work on feeling gratitude towards both big and small issues.

From the book: I hope that with my words, I can inspire the feeling of gratitude towards every step I take. My gratitude, strangely enough became stronger and more apparant when my mother, after a short-term illness, passed away. Mommy wanted to live. She couldn’t choose life, but I can. And for that I am eternally grateful. If my texts and thoughts can bring meaning to some, well then my words will live again.

Kristin Kaspersen is one of Swedens most beloved TV-personalities and has worked as a television host since 1992. Kristin is also a popular moderator and inspirational speaker, she has written books about health, diet and training, Stark I Kropp och Själ (2013), Good Food (2015) and Good Morning (2017).

This year she is a participant in Lets Dance (Dancing With The Stars)

Language: Swedish
Release date: 2019-08-26
Design: Jenny Liljegren
ISBN: 9789150943580
Publisher: HarperCollins Nordic

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