Program leader in television, entrepreneur, writes books about health, diet, exercise and about choosing the right thoughts. Lecturer.

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“The common denominator for all my projects is that I want to find good simple solutions in our daily life and think about health as a whole. I want to put the energy on what counts. I love to be inspired and to inspire.”


Kristin started her television career in 1991-1992 as the weather presenter for TV3 Norway that was transmitted from the head office in London.

In December 1993, as the youngest person ever, she won the prestigious “Hyland Priset”, (television award) for Sweden’s most popular TV personality and she also won “Aftonbladet TV Award” as Sweden’s most popular female TV personality in 1993. Since then, it has rolled on with various TV productions like big live galas to documentaries and Nyhetsmorgon on TV 4.

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“For me, it’s all about choosing the right thoughts. If I can do that I make better decisions, I can more easily accept challenges and I choose the exercise and diet that is good for me. We are all different.

We shouldn’t compare ourselves to others. It is therefore important to start with our own needs. As I lecture, I want to inspire through my own journey and experience, whether it’s about achieving your goals, finding the right exercise scheme for you, taking your time for recovery or just remembering to choose the right thought. To be honest with yourself.”

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I was asked several times about writing a book. At first, I didn’t dare to but now I’m on my fourth book and it’s so rewarding to be able to express what works for me to meet the day.

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