I never thought I would write a book. As a child, I had a hard time expressing myself in writing, perhaps because I love to talk a lot. But it has been amazing to write. In my four books, I have had the opportunity to, from my perspective, share my experiences and my thoughts with what has worked for me to feel better, find a better way of life, how I met my adversities and how I managed my successes. Today I love to write. First, I see images in my head then the text comes. Today I love to write!


My publisher Carina Nunstedt contacted me after having read my posts on Instagram. Together we came up with the idea to collect some old posts along with some new about everything from love, grief, family, loss and encounters with both places and people…

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The idea to ​​this title came with my publisher Cecilia Viklund at Bonnier Facts. I took it as a challenge. For mornings has always been a challenge for me. And during a time when…

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This idea was born after a winter visit to New York where I asked for gluten-free at restaurants or cafes and they always had it. In Sweden, it was not that easy to find any gluten-free options…

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When I got the chance to write a book I wanted to write about the complete picture. I was asked to do a book about exercise, but since I’m not an expert, I wanted to write based on the choices I made within health…

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