The idea to ​​this title came with my publisher Cecilia Viklund at Bonnier Facts. I took it as a challenge. For mornings has always been a challenge for me. And during a time when I was tired of fatigue syndrome, I wanted to find new routines and new thoughts to better start the day. To wake up the body, have more energy and have a calmer start of the day. While writing GOOD MORNING, I learned so much about what happens in the body when we help it to wake up. And I am happy to get up an hour earlier today to get a good start and today I choose to love being a bit tired in the morning. It’s so cozy when you have time to wake up and just choosing thoughts makes such a big difference.

In Good Morning, Kristin Kaspersen tells us what she does to get a good start of the day, everything from waking the body with a nice workout, recipes for breakfasts and snacks as well as thoughts that give an inner calm. Sometimes it’s just a matter of choosing the right thought to turn from being grumpy to a smile!

Here you will find good nutritious breakfasts such as gluten-free sandwiches and various smoothies. The training section includes exercises for fifteen minutes of yoga and stretching as well as thoughts and pep about walking and running.

How do you go while traveling, how can you save a chaotic tomorrow when you have over slept and the kids also need a packed lunch and what does Kristin serve for a long cozy brunch? Let Kristin inspire for a fun, good and easier start to the day, which leads to a better balanced day.

“One morning when I was super stressed, late for work after waking up late, got the kids to school, I called my friend Bitte to vent. I’m telling her about my caotic morning and not knowing what to do to pull it all together. I want to enjoy my time with the kids in the morning and not feel this inner stress. Bitte answers calmly “A friend advised me to go up an hour before the children, have a coffee, maybe take a short walk and then shower and get dressed. When I wake the kids, I’m ready and can give them all the time and see to it that they and I get what we need. And you know what? ..That friend is Kristin.”

Language: Swedish
Release date: August 2017
Design: Kai Ristilä
Photography: Katarina Di Leva
ISBN: 9789173630900
Publisher: Fitnessförlaget
Pages: 144

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