“To me, it’s all about choosing the right thoughts. If I can do that I make better decisions, I can easier accept challenges and I choose the exercise and diet that I like. We are all different. We should not compare ourselves to others. Therefore, it is important to see to our own needs. As I lecture, I want to inspire through my journey and experience, whether it’s about achieving your goals, finding the right exercise for you, taking their time to recover or just remembering the choose your thoughts. Be honest with yourself.”



Kristin talks about how she, through her life experience, learnt to choose her thoughts, how she dealt with challenges and how she found the exercise, diet and way of life that serves her best. She shares the tools she uses daily to achieve her goals, remind herself to recover and how she has learned to use her energy properly.

45 min -1.5 h (as requested)


A lecture on how to wake up our body and mind to meet the day in the best way. Kristin has written a book under the same title, and while she wrote the book, she learned the importance of truly giving the body a chance to wake up and how it really makes a difference for the brain and nervous system to get started. After suffering from fatigue syndrome twice, Kristin has found a way to start the day without stress. Planning, comfortable exercise and good diet are part of what she talks about to give the body a chance work with you for the rest of the day.

30 min -1 h (as requested)


Inquiries and bookings, please contact:

Shannon Clinton
Email: shannon@kristinkaspersen.se


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