My interest in diet has increased over the years. The more I learn how the body works, the more interesting it gets.As a young girl, I had an eating disorder so throughout my life, food has always been an issue for me. But I was lucky and got help.


After I had children and found a balance where training is an natural part of my daily life, I wanted to learn more about how to balance a good diet for me and the children. In addition, I am lactose intolerant and hypersensitive to gluten. That meant I wanted to find simple snacks and good solutions for alternative energy intakes when I work, travel or work out.

I went to a diet consultant course when I wrote the book “Good Food”. That was to gain knowledge but not to have as a profession. Thanks to my interest in exercise and diet, I have written books about health. Books where I give my perspective on what works for me and my family.

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