This idea was born after a winter visit to New York where I asked for gluten-free at restaurants or cafes and they always had it. In Sweden, it was not that easy to find any gluten-free options. Above all, I wanted to find a balance during the day with snacks. I am not an expert on diet and I never have the energy or time to cook for long. I missed simple, quick recipes that would suit both myself and my children. Good Food was released August 2015.

New exciting raw ingredients in the fridge and pantry provide better and healthier food. Gluten-free, fresh, organic, a lot of greens and simple, was Kristine’s starting point when she decided to change the family’s eating habits. By replacing one raw ingredient at a time, she can today proudly say that she cooks really healthy food and dares to try and taste her way forward.

In this book you get a lot of inspiration, but also smart tips on ingredients to start your healthy journey with. Kristin loves fruit and berries, and it appears in the recipes where you find vegetables, juices and raw food. The food in this book is in other words a wonderful mix of good ingredients and fresh flavors. And it’s simple: good everyday food that also works for your children.

For all recipes there are tips on variations – can you cook a fish burger then you can cook three is her motto – so you can take advantage of the salmon and chicken as well as the spices you buy in several different dishes. How about gluten-free tortillas for Friday tacos, delicious quinoa muffins with various flavors instead of cupcakes, kale chips that are so wholesome you can even have chips on a Monday or simply just a classic baked chicken with lemon and herbs that almost cooks itself?

Language: Swedish
Release date: July 2015
Design: Kai Ristilä
Photography: Jenny Grimsgård
ISBN: 9789173630719
Publisher: Fitnessförlaget
Pages: 127

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