“Working as a television presenter has given me the opportunity to vent my creativity and the chance to tell stories. What has grown stronger over the years is my interest in our everyday health and how we can choose thoughts to feel better. I have also dared to give room for my entrepreneurial side. If I encounter problems, then I want to find a solution. Negative thoughts drains your energy, get rid of them and give way to thoughts that can bring us forward and make a difference. It has led me to lecturing a lot about what I did to make my every day life work and my view on health. I start projects that I believe can simplify everyday life so we can put our energy in the right place. I also write books about exercise, diet, health and choosing thoughts from my perspective. I’m passionate about being able to inspire others as I love being inspired.”


Kristin began her career in front of the camera as weather presenter for TV3 Norway. As a 24-year-old, she was the youngest to receive the Hyland award as Sweden’s most popular TV personality. After that she has hosted shows such as the Sports Gala, News Morning and Melody Festival.

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Kristin talks about how she found the tools to balance her life in her various roles. She talks about choosing thoughts, finding the right training, achieving her goals and about the right attitude towards diet. She also talks about the best way to start the day and its importance to avoid unnecessary stress.

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Kristin has worked as a moderator on, for example, Guldnyckeln 2017 in Globen Annexet, ICA’s Supplier Meeting 2016, Water Front Conference Center and Bestseller “Brain Supplement”, where she interviewed Jan Eliasson, Gary Kasparov, Lottie Knutsson among others.

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