RISTIN KASPERSEN CURIOUS- thats the name  of my podcast. Here I meet people, known and unknown, with a special life story, knowledge or experience that I am extra curious about and which we will talk about. It can be anything from leadership, the brain, driving forces, health or something you have experienced in life that has given great insight or vitality. Some of the different guests I have had the opportunity to meet are Rolf Porseryd, Elaine Eksvärd, Björn Natthiko Lindblad, Janne Andersson and many more!


My mother said to me when I was little “Never stop being curious, life has so much to learn” and I have always carried that with me. Feels so good to finally be up and running and working with Perfect Day Media to realize this idea. Hope you want to join and listen. You will find it where podcasts are. # kristinnyfikenpå


If you have questions or if you have interesting people or topics you are curious about that you would like to tip about, please email me at nyfikenpa@perfectdaymedia.se 

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